July 22, 2009

The Sentencing Project releases national report: 1 in 11 prisoners are serving life sentences

More prisoners today are serving life terms than ever before — 140,610 out of 2.3 million inmates being held in jails and prisons across the country — under tough mandatory minimum-sentencing laws and the declining use of parole for eligible convicts, according to No Exit: The Expanding Use of Life Sentences in America, a report by The Sentencing Project, a group that calls for the elimination of life sentences without parole.

The authors of the report, Ashley Nellis, Ph.D., research analyst and Ryan S. King, policy analyst of The Sentencing Project, state that persons serving life sentences "include those who present a serious threat to public safety, but also include those for whom the length of sentence is questionable."

The full report and links to Press articles can be found here.