July 01, 2009

Building Bridges - July 2009 edition

The July 2009 issue of Building Bridges has been released by the Prison Action Network.

Subjects covered in this issue include:
1. Abuse of incarcerated youth
2. Actions you can take
3. ICARE Reports
4. Legislation
5. Lifers and Longtermers Clearinghouse
6. Parole news
7. Prison closures - what replaces them?
8. Prison media
9. Prisoners of the census
10. Transportation to prison
11. Citizens Against Recidivism questionnaire

Update on Merit Time Bill S2932/A6487: the Bill had passed out of the Senate Crime Victims, Crime and Corrections Committee and was waiting to be put on the Calendar, when the Senate fell into total disarray. It did not get out of the Assembly Corrections Committee before the end of session. It may be reintroduced next session, or yet another Merit Time Bill may be drafted to replace it.

Citizens Against Recidivism, Inc. would like to consult with people in prison and have developed a brief survey on the issues that affect prisoners. The survey can be found at the end of the July issue of Building Bridges.