December 26, 2008

Criminal allegations against two members of the NYS Parole Board

Astounding criminal allegations against two members of the NYS Parole Board:

State Parole Division Chairman George B. Alexander resigned on December 18th amid allegations that he stole a laptop computer from his previous job in Buffalo. Former Parole Board Chairman George B. Alexander is being prosecuted on felony charges by Attorney General Andrew Cuomo. Until an acting or new chairman is designated, executive director Felix Rosa been asked to manage the day-to-day affairs of the Division.

State Parole Board Commissioner Chris Ortloff resigned from the Parole Board after his arrest on October 13th on federal charges of attempting to solicit sex with minors. Update on December 26th: "Former state Assemblyman George C. ''Chris'' Ortloff pleaded guilty in federal court on Wednesday morning to a felony charge in connection with his attempt to have sex with what he believed were two sisters, ages 11 and 12. Ortloff, a former member of the state Parole Board, pleaded guilty to a single count of online enticement of minors. The conviction carries a minimum 10-year prison sentence and a maximum of life in prison. By signing the plea agreement with federal prosecutors, Ortloff avoided indictment and accepted responsibility for his crimes. The government, in turn, agreed to recommend a reduced sentence..." (full story...)

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December 01, 2008

Update on Shu'aib A. Raheem's rescission hearing

Update on the September 5th rescission hearing of Shu'aib A. Raheem, from the Prison Action Network:

"Shu'aib was represented by NYC lawyer Lawrence Stern, who has been representing him since doing his trial appeal years ago. The judge denied Shu'aib Raheem's petition on the grounds that the Parole Board is empowered to reconsider its parole decisions without regard to time limits and the underlying rationale as long as the victims did not take advantage of the opportunities afforded them prior to the decision to make impact statements. His lawyer has filed a Notice of Appeal to the Appellate Division, 3rd Dept. The appeal will take several months, and the reconsideration hearing has been postponed until the appeal is decided."

(The Parole Board's approval of the release of Shu'aib A. Raheem was the turning point that led the State to withdraw from the tentative settlement in the Graziano v. Pataki case and precipitated this rescission hearing for Mr. Raheem.)