September 25, 2013

Building Bridges - September/October 2013 edition

The September/October edition of Building Bridges has been issued by the Prison Action Network.

Prison Action Network's brief summary is given below. Please see Building Bridges for full details and their current news about parole, ways to help and become involved.

Summaries of articles:

1.  Parole News: August releases; News about former parole board member and chair Robert Dennison’s advocacy for certain parole applicants.
2.  NYS Parole Reform Campaign reports on the growing energy around the SAFE Parole Act; unveils new and easy Weekly Action readers can join.
3.  Ending Parole Abuse - Reuniting Families; a Campaign to Overhaul New York’s Parole System encourages public participation and invites us to their gala Kick-off event on November 8.
4.  We can do it! Inspiration from FAMM’s experience.

5.  End Mass Incarceration Convergence puts Prisoner Justice Network solidly on the map.
6.  Release Aging People from Prison (RAPP) unveils petition drive on WBAI’s Law and Disorder show.

7.  Religion, Abolition, Mass Incarceration seminar on October 4-5 includes speakers from RAPP.
8.  Bookends, an evening of performances inspired by incarcerated parents and grandparents, to be presented in Albany by Prison Legal Services.
9.  Michelle Alexander is expanding her focus to include a radical restructuring of society.
10.  Education from the Inside Out is beginning a new season of working to remove the barriers that keep our youth and people with criminal records uneducated.
11.  Part 3 in Baba Eng’s address to Building Bridges readers in which he looks at who's responsible and who is going to do something about our failed criminal justice system.

12.  Forty-two years after the Attica rebellion Prisoners Are People Too takes a look at what has changed (or not) over the four decades since then.
13.  Corey Parks: The race for quality has no finish line. There is always room for more improvement.

14.  Small Business Legal Academy offers free consulting day.

15.  Special screening of Herman’s House at CSS. Petition to grant him compassionate release.