March 11, 2009

Parolee information now available on the NYS Division of Parole website

PAROLEE INFORMATION NOW AVAILABLE ON PAROLE WEBSITE: Public can access parole supervision status of individuals

(The New York State Division of Parole "Parolee Lookup" feature may be found here; further information may be found here.)

Press release from the NYS Division of Parole, March 11th 2009

Henry Lemons, interim chairman of the New York State Division of Parole today announced the launch of a new “parolee lookup” feature on the Division’s website, The public can now access real-time information on the parole status of those currently under supervision as well as those who have completed their supervision.

“Victims, members of law enforcement, state and federal criminal justice agencies and family members routinely have questions about the status of an individual’s parole supervision,” Lemons said. “By creating this valuable online tool, people can have access to this important information 24 hours a day.”

After entering specific information about a person under parole supervision such as a name or identification number, the public will be able to search for details about that individual’s parole status. Data that is available includes the county where the crime was committed, crime of conviction, the date parole supervision began, the status of parole supervision, the address of the parole office that an individual reports to as well as the name and contact telephone number for the parole officer overseeing the case.

The addition of the look-up feature on the website is part of the Division’s goal to make its work more transparent and readily available to the public. It follows the 2008 online addition of the Parole Board interview schedule that allows users to look back at Parole Board determinations over a two year period, and locate the parole interview dates of persons that are scheduled to come before the Board in the next four months.