March 21, 2009

Merit Time Bill Survey

You are invited to take part in a survey organized by the Prison Action Network (see their newsletter for March 2009).

The following is from the Prison Action Network:

"MERIT TIME BILL SURVEY: We are conducting a survey, the results of which we will take to the sponsors of the Merit Time Bills currently in the NY State Senate Committee on Crime Victims, Crime and Corrections. We need your opinion. Please help us help you.

There are two Merit Time Bills on the table: S49/A172 and A6487/S2932.

S49/A172 includes all people in prison (except those who have Life without parole) and allows up to 1/3 off of the minimum and maximum sentence.

Bill A6487 expands the existing merit time (1/7) to all persons with a violent offense (including manslaughter) except those serving a life sentence for a murder 1 or murder 2 conviction, a sex offense or a terrorism offense.

We would like to know if you would support a bill that does not include Lifers."