January 15, 2011

Building Bridges - January 2011 edition

The January edition of Building Bridges has been issued by the Prison Action Network.

Topics covered this month include:

1. Actions, meetings and events happening around the state this month.
2. A good place to start cutting; NY Times article on Cuomo's speech.
3. Job opportunities with the Legal Action Center.
4. The New Jim Crow, Chapter 3 quotes.
5. NYS Parole Reform Campaign Report.
6. NYS Prisoner Justice Network Report.
7. Parole news.
8. Prison suicides, by Mary Beth Pfeiffer.
9. Think Outside the Cell adds 3 books to its series.

The Prison Action Network makes a plea for membership donations to support the continued publication of Building Bridges:

"Prison Action Network is running out of money to publish Building Bridges. Many of our members are in prison and cannot afford to make membership donations large enough to cover the cost of their newsletter. We are hoping you will bridge the gap. Please join Prison Action Network by sending us a yearly membership donation. It isn't fair that those in prison are carrying the full responsibility for supporting the newsletter that others benefit from as well. Whatever you can afford will be gratefully accepted. Donations may be sent to PAN at PO Box 6355, Albany, NY 12206. Thank you for your support."