December 15, 2010

Building Bridges - December 2010 edition

The December edition of Building Bridges has been issued by the Prison Action Network.

Topics covered this month include:

1. Activism: actions, meetings and events
2. Buffalo’s Jerry Balone inspires students
3. Introducing the In Your Face Movement
4. The New Jim Crow, Chapter 2 quotes
5. Lifers and Longtermers Clearinghouse by Larry Luqman White
6. NYS Parole Reform Campaign - time to take two steps forward!
7. Parole news, including Graziano update

* Lifers and Longtermers Clearinghouse: Larry White and the Hope Lives for Lifers Reintegration Program have developed a reintegration program consisting of a series of study groups/workshops to address particular reintegration needs of incarcerated individuals preparing for release.

* The NYS Parole Reform Campaign asks advocacy organizations to support their legislative proposal to reform the parole process so that parole applicants are fairly evaluated instead of being punished with repeated and unjustifiable parole denials.

* On Friday, Dec 10, Judge Seibel of the US District Court, Southern District of New York, dismissed the above-referenced case under Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 12(c). The court declined to follow the law of the case decided by the late Judge Brieant, and despite not finding a change in the applicable law, decided to follow a non-binding, unpublished opinion by the Second Circuit Court of Appeals.