June 15, 2010

Building Bridges - June 2010 edition

The June edition of Building Bridges has just been issued by the Prison Action Network.

Items in this edition include:
1. Activities for advocates: Statewide, Albany, Bronx, Buffalo, Manhattan
2. CCR has filed federal lawsuit
3. Coalition for Fair Criminal Justice Policies - on 259-i
4. ICARE Community Educator
5. Legislation
6. Parole news
7. Prison media

Update on the work of the Coalition for Fair Criminal Justice Policies to amend Executive Law §259 (i):

"Exciting news! Senator Tom Duane has agreed to sponsor our bill!! We are still working with Assemblyman Jeffrion Aubry, who has agreed to sponsor it in the Assembly, to alleviate some of his concerns. What happens next is the bill gets sent to the Legislative Bill Drafting Commission to be put in bill form. No law may be enacted in New York State unless it has been adopted by the Legislature in bill form. Once it is introduced in the Senate, it will go to the Introduction and Revision Office, where it will be examined and corrected, given a number, sent to the appropriate standing committee, entered into the Senate computer, deemed to have had its first and second readings and printed."

Building Bridges also carries a report of the recent parole release of Shu'aib Raheem following his rescission hearing on June 3, 2010.