June 01, 2009

Building Bridges - June 2009 edition

The June 2009 issue of Building Bridges has been released by the Prison Action Network.

Items discussed in this issue include:
1. A list of ways you can help create positive change
2. Citizens Against Recidivism reports on "Considering the Evidence on Long Term Sentences"
3. Coalition for Fair Criminal Justice Policies Update
4. ICARE Reports
5. Legislation Report
6. Lifers and Longtermers Clearinghouse update on community linkages
7. Parole news and statistics
8. Prison Media: Fancy Broccoli, Soul Spectrum, and Still Here Harlem
9. SHU Bill Hearing held in March to discuss delay in implementation
10. Temporary Work Release: part 2 of "Wilderness or Promised Land"
11. Transportation to Prison

There were no new developments in the Graziano v. Pataki class action case during May.

Of particular interest in this edition of Building Bridges is the report of the Citizens Against Recidivism on the panel discussion held on May 5th at the Graduate Center at CUNY. The discussion was lead by Dr. Michelle Fine, a Distinguished Professor at the Graduate Center; panelists included Kathy Boudin, Eric Waters (Osbourne Association), Mika’il DeVeaux (Citizens Against Recidivism, Inc.), Carla Marquez (Ph.D. candidate at the Graduate Center) and Felipe Vargas (The Doe Fund). The aim of the panel was to review evidence relating to people in prison with long term sentences, particularly those who have committed violent offenses. Current policies toward this class of incarcerated people were discussed; and suggestions were made for various new policies for inmates whose release is thought to better serve the public interest and increase public safety.