January 17, 2008

Articles commenting on the legislative oversight hearing examining the increase in parole release rates for violent felons

Articles commenting on the recent legislative oversight hearing held by Senator Michael F. Nozzolio to examine the increase in parole release rates for violent felons:

Senate panel gets few answers on parole spike. Richard Richtmyer, Newsday, January 15 2008.

More violent offenders paroled: Senate panel questions rise in release of state's most dangerous felons. Irene Jay Liu, Times Union, January 16 2008.

Parole trend draws questions: more violent felons are being released. Bob Conner, Daily Gazette, January 16 2008.

Spitzer lets 215 killers go loose. Fredric U. Dicker, New York Post, January 19 2008.

Senate holds hearing on parole release rate. Karen DeWitt, WXXI Public Broadcasting Council, January 2008.