May 24, 2013

Building Bridges - May/June 2013 edition

The May/June edition of Building Bridges has been issued by the Prison Action Network.

Prison Action Network's brief summary is given below. Please see Building Bridges for full details and their current news about parole including updates about the NYS Parole Reform Campaign, ways to help and get involved.

1. Anthony Annucci has been appointed as the DOCCS Acting Commissioner. He has an extensive history with the agency. Facility Parole Officers are now known as Offender Rehabilitation Coordinators (ORCs). Hopefully this title change will allow them to focus more directly on preparing a person for successful reentry and rehabilitation.

2. Job Fair: it is not easy for anyone to find a job these days, and especially so if you have a criminal history. The National Action Network in the Bronx is offering a day of workshops to help you find work and "Power Your Way to Reentry". June 6.

3. Legislation: the Senate Crime Victims, Crime and Correction Committee website now lists the votes cast.

4. Supporters of the NYS Parole Reform Campaign are continuing their efforts to pass the SAFE Parole Act. SPA, CSS, and MNJ are all actively petitioning the Legislature. The Campaign’s website has changed; campaign updates can now be found in Building Bridges, at the NYS Parole Reform Campaign column.

5. The Birthday Party, a tale from the NYS Prisoner Justice Network.

6. Parole News: February and April parole releases; new statistician found; opinions expressed by readers on Parole issues.

7. Realities of Reentry: though challenging, reentry offers an opportunity for a second chance. PRP2 guest speaker, Mr. Jerome Wright, "came home" to Buffalo in 2009. He has learned that dealing with the realities of reentry requires patience and a desire to learn new things, no matter how long or short the period of incarceration has been.

8. Corey Parks had a dream while he was in prison and now he's living it.

9. Keeping Jerry Balone's memory alive: two friends sent us their remembrances. "Jerry is a true example of what someone can become if they are given the chance." "The I-Can-Do-It Champ of resolve and redemption, his wings strengthened for flight beyond the naysayer's sting."

10. The $2 million windows at ten NYS prisons.

11. School not Court, a report and recommendations from the New York City School-Justice Partnership Task Force.

May 15, 2013

Letters supporting parole reform and the proposed SAFE Parole Act

Recent letters supporting parole reform and the pending legislation, Safe and Fair Evaluations (SAFE) Parole Act A4108/S1128, published by the Times Union:

Welcome parolees back into the community, by Judith Brink (Times Union, May 31 2013)
The parole board is not a resentencing body, by Judith Brink (Times Union, May 10 2013)
Parole board role is misunderstood, by Karen Kaufmann (Times Union, May 8 2013)
Bill would address parole procedures, by Anne Marie Haber (Times Union, May 7 2013)

May 13, 2013

Anthony J. Annucci becomes Acting Commissioner of NYS DOCCS

Anthony J. Annucci became the Acting Commissioner of the New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision effective May 1, 2013.

Acting Commissioner Anthony J. Annucci's biography (New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision)

May 03, 2013

Commissioner Fischer’s Few Last Words

As he ended his 44 year career to begin his retirement, Commissioner Fischer reflected on how he started and came to join the agency, and thanked the employees for their hard work, support and especially for their friendship.

Commissioner Fischer’s Few Last Words (NYS Department of Corrections and Community Supervision Press Release, May 2 2013)